Slides from the European PGConf 2016

The slides from the talk Life on a rollercoaster are available here

If you close your eyes you can smell Estonia

It’s almost time for the pgconf 2016. This year the conference is in Tallinn the capital of Estonia. The conference is packed with super interesting talks which I really look forward to listen. I’ll also present the talk life on a rollercoaster which tells the story of the last 4 years of a DBA(just guess who’s he :P) dealing with large large PostgreSQL installations. I decided to make the talk with a narrative, and hopefully, entertaining form, in order to avoid to bore the audience to death.

News from the outer ring

After the summer break the Brighton PostgreSQL meetup restarts with the monthly technical talks. This time is my round again. I’ll speak on how to scale the backup and recovery on large postgres installations. Actually this is the talk I’ve submitted to the european pgconf. I made the talk in a storytelling form in order to avoid to bore the audience to the death. The talk should be quite entertaining with explanation of the issues solved by the DBA over the years.